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This is me

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 28th of 1987 but I am currently based in New York.

My foundational acting mentors were Norman Briski and Betiana Blum, who trained me in the Stanislavki's method in Argentina.

In New York, I attended The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, The T. Schreiber Studio and the McCaskill Studio.

However, one year ago I found the person who has become my guide: Suzanne Shepherd who ignited my instruments so that I could become an artist.

On the stage, I have interpreted Vladimir in "Waiting for Godot", the Son in "Six Characters in Search of an Author", Pablo Penaguilas in the musical version of "Marianela" called "La Nela de Socartes" and Richard III in "Richard III", among many others.

On tv, I have starred in the show "He Pleads Not Guilty" (produced by History Channel) and I am currently the lead in "Devil in the Web" (produced by Discovery +), a guest star in "A Good Cop" (produced by NTD) and a supporting actor in "Singleville" (IJT Productions).

My voice coaches have been Clara Terán and Stephen Purdy thanks to whom I have been the lead in the musical "La Nela de Socartes" (Nekrasovas and Cicio Arts Productions) and done my own cabaret shows, such as "#getmeouttahere" and "This is Bruno" at venues such as Don't Tell Mama and Polaris North.

Get ready because this is just the beginning...

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