In dance, there is a foundation upon which is built your career, and it is your training. Whenever a dancer finds that they have lost their way, that things aren't quite as good, as precise, as strong, as focused as they should be, that dancer goes back to the beginning: they go back to class. At the ballet barre, it is possible to rediscover your center, both physically and mentally, and reboot yourself so that your work can represent that which is most uniquely and beautifully you. At the ballet barre, you are at the most basic and productive place a dancer can be, a place where there is no thinking, only dancing, no interpretation, only technique. At the ballet barre, it is only you and the movement. Going back to the barre will always bring a dancer home.

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When it comes to exploring the experience of living in a new country, a performer’s life can be tough, sad and frustrating, but it can also be a ball—so says Bruno Giraldi in his show This Is Bruno. Directed by Tanya Moberly with Soso Frisan at the piano, This Is Bruno plays on Wednesday, January 15th and Tuesday, January 21st at 7:00 pm at Don’t Tell Mama

NiteLife Exchange (NLE) celebrates Bruno Gilardi (BG) with Six Questions.

NiteLife Exchange: You are a New York-based actor and singer born in Argentina; when did you realize you have a gift and what were some of your early influences?

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Being completely honest here, based on the first 10 minutes, this show got off to a rocky start. But I have to admit, that Bruno Giraldi (not necessarily the show) grew on me.

Giraldi is a quirky, lanky, funny and intense man with a decent voice and a point of view that became very interesting to me as the show progressed.

His vocals go from really good to pitchy here and there when he sometimes presses his voice and, how fast he speaks. English is his 2nd language and consequently...

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