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"Bruno Giraldi held everyone's attention and showed flashes of real talent." by Mark Dundas Wood

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

There are cabaret singers who have years of experience under their belts, a warm rapport with their audiences, refined acting and singing skills, and a solid understanding of the club-singer’s repertoire. And then there are those with far less experience, whose relationship with listeners is hit or miss, and whose fluency with the cabaret catalog is limited.

Sometimes, to your surprise, you find that singers from the latter group hold your attention more fully than some singers from the former. There’s a spark of something that makes you want to know more. Sometimes it’s the newcomer’s quirky approach to the material, sometimes it’s a vocal quality that you just don’t hear every day. And sometimes, it’s the very audacity to get up on the same stage where stalwarts from that first group regularly perform and just let it rip, whether or not everyone else thinks he or she is ready to be there.

Bruno Giraldi is a singer from the audacious subset. Argentinian-born, he’s been studying and performing as an actor and a singer here in New York for some time. For this iteration...

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