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 about me 

Height: 6'   |  Weight: 141   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

As an actor, my training has been in the Stanislavki's acting method. As we all know, the purpose of said method is to get as close to the truth as possible. Therefore, regardless of the label the project bares, my attempt will always be to deliver a truthful, powerful, unprecendented and unpredictable interpretation, which consequently may cause different emotions in the public.

As a singer, while I let my voice technique flow, I apply all my acting tools to interprete my repertoire of old and new Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Broadway songs as the piece of story that said songs are trying to convey. Most of my experience has been perfoming as the lead singer in cabaret venues, both in Buenos Aires and in New York, as well as in private events.



Rapiña: The Bathtub   |   Javier: lead   |   Aksel Tang

Unchilding   |   Ensemble: Lead: Fisherman   |   Joshua Kauffman

#getmeouttahere   |  Cabaret Lead   |   Bruno Giraldi

Esther   |   Haman: Lead   |  ​ Christopher Monroe

The Golden Dove   |   The King: Lead   |   Christopher Goodrich


R.evolición Latina  |   To Be or Not to Be: A Shakespearean Experience   |

Hamlet, Macbeth, Mark Rothko: Lead   |  Luis Salgado, Ian Hershey, Leon Ingulsrud and Gabriela García

Please Don't Take My Rhythms & My Blues  |   Uncle Hanckock: Lead   |   

Herbert Walker

THE FOP: Love & Lust Victorian Queer New York  |   Federico Alonso

Canzonari: Supporting   |   Jack Shamblin


Filipo  |    Filipo: Lead  |  Carlotta Berzal

Six Characters in Search of an Actor  |   The Son: Lead   |   Celeste Abacini

Huff & Puff: Three Little Pigs  |    The Big Bad Wolfe: Lead   |   Ximena Faralla

Waiting for Godot  |   Vladimir: Lead  |  Bruno Giraldi & Fabián Calixto

A Clockwork Orange  |   Alex Delarge: Lead   |  Norman Briski

Calibán Improvises  |    Imrpoviser: Lead   |  Norman Briski

The Turn  |    Rolo: Lead   |  Norman Briski

Mishifuses  |   Patrick, the cat: Lead   |   Silvia Marques

White over White  |   Disappeared Man: Lead   |   Gustavo Oliver

The Wizard   |   The Wizard: Lead   |   Gustavo Oliver

The Selfish Giant  |    The Selfish Giant: Lead  |   Gustavo Oliver


Eva's Shoes   |   Alfredo: Lead   |   Angel Bernuy

The Prototype  |   The Prototype: Lead

Fashion   |   Male Model: Lead   |   Leonardo Maldonado


Norma Jeane Mortenson   |   Norma: Lead   |   Rodrigo Soler


​Bad Game   |   Guido: Lead


He Pleads Not Guilty   |   Juan Palmisano: Lead   |   Ivahn Aguilar Naim   |  History Channel​


The T. Schreiber Studio   |   Scene Study   |   Peter Jensen

Voice Coaching   |   Stephen Purdy

Voice Coaching   |   Ric Ryder

Voice Coaching   |   Ben Bryant

Voice Coaching   |   Patrick DeGennaro

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting   |   Sound into Action   |   Reginald Veneziano

Voice Coaching   |   Cheryl Freeman


Borges Acting Studio   |   Drama   |   Betiana Blum

Hugo Ávila and Lolo Rossi Dance Studio   |   Jazz Dance   |   Ariel Pastocchi

Ricky Pashkus Dance Studio   |   Jazz Dance   |   Ricky Pashkus

Voice Coaching   |   Clara Terán

Adoratrices School   |  Instrumentals   |   Joy Morris

Calibán Acting Studio   |   Drama   |   Norman Briski

 Special Skills